We offer Pilates & Strength classes. Our instructors bring in a variety of Backgrounds, skill, and fun. Since classes are small and fill up quickly, please sign-up and reserve your space online.


Power Reformer

10am – 11am

5pm - 6pm

This is a high intensity, athletic reformer class, which will target the entire body. The pace can be a bit quicker, so please be prepared to sweat a little bit.

TTA Power Training

10am - 11am

This power class incorporates a combination of reformer, springboard, and calisthenic training. Time will be spent utilizing all three types’ apparatus during the training. The class is designed to help bring out the athlete in all of us. *Please note that plyometric exercises may be part of the workout.

Power Springboard & Reformer

5pm - 6pm

This is a quicker paced Pilates class where 30 minutes are spent on the springboard and 30 minutes on the reformer.

Cardio Pilates

Wednesday & Friday
10am - 11am

This is one of the best classes to strengthen your bones and core while elevating your heart rate. The best part is the jumpboard attaches to the reformer, which allows you to train with very little stress and impact on your joints, so your muscles can do all the burning! This is an ideal class for those with oseopenia or osteoporosis or athletes looking to improve speed, power, and agility!

Balls to the Walls Pilates


10am - 11am

Want to work on balance? Not sure how to really find those core muscles? This class will challenge you with several props (stability balls, bosu balls, etc) while utilizing both the springboard and reformer.

Strength & Pilates 30-30

Friday & Sunday
11am - 12pm

This is a fun, dynamic, and challenging class where 1/2 the class focuses on Pilates reformer & 1/2 on strength work. Those that sign-up for 3 x per week, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday will see a class progression throughout the week while building muscle and flexibility!

Group Track Training

6:30pm - 7:30pm

9:45am - 10:45am

Endurance based track workouts are held on Wednesday. Speed and strength based track workouts are held on Sundays. These provide a motivational and inspiring group to push your limits.

Foam Roll + Stretch

6pm - 6:30pm

9:30am - 10am

This is a 30 minute class where 15 minutes is foam rolling and 15 minutes is dynamic stretching. If you want to attend this class frequently look into our memberships where you can take up to 8 classes per month!