What type of session is right for me?

If you are recovering from an injury or needing more personal attention please sign-up for a personal training session. Also if you are unfamiliar with strength training and/or Pilates, we recommend at least three individual sessions before signing up for a class. As for classes, we recommend you try them all. We have amazing instructors and the key to fitness is variety.

What Shall I expect from a Class?

We believe in our classes. They are not your run of the mill fitness grind and go, every movement we do has a purpose. We offer a variety of movements in our classes to build well-rounded strength for athleticism. Also our classes are small, a maximum of 5 people to one instructor. You will get cues, personal attention, and adjustments.

Should I opt for A membership?

If you plan to attend our track workouts, absolutely. If you’re seeking a running training plan, absolutely. If you’re just coming for Pilates and/or strength classes, maybe. This can be a great addition if you’d like to try Foam Roll + Stretch, Mat Pilates, or any of our apprentice based classes. Unfortunately it doesn’t include our more popular equipment based classes.

What if I’m Not an Athlete?

We believe everyone is an athlete. It’s just a matter of embracing our bodies, keeping them healthy, and active. We work with all ages and abilities! As coaches we monitor your mechanics and give you a kick in the butt when you need it!

More questions?

We can be reached at (510)917.9689