Build an Athlete


At TTA we’re proud to coach youth athletes. We have the expertise to guide youth in their athletic endeavors by working on their speed, power, strength, and technique. One of our main goals is the long term athletic development (LTAD), a model developed by the international Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and USA Track & Field (USATF). Our expertise in these areas are a result of the highest certifications received from the IAAF and USATF for training youth athletes. Read more about our coaches here.

The “Build an Athlete” program develops an athlete through proper scientific training and complete video analysis to help them reach their full potential. The program is a process, but results are certain as young athletes work towards their goals. The TTA coaches spend considerable time analyzing results from performance in training and competition. We always want our young athletes to constantly improve, but the ultimate goal is to ensure they have fun and continue to be active even beyond adolescence.

Contact us for further information on “Build an Athlete” and our other youth training options, such as “It’s Showtime!” basketball performance training.